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Occupational Health

It is currently well documented throughout the working world that injury and musculoskeletal pain account for numerous days of absence for employees – having a large economic impact – not only on the employer or organisation – but also on the employee themselves. Please visit the following link to view the evidence behind the success of Physiotherapy treatment in reducing sickness absence.
At JD Physio we provide assessment and treatment on various injuries and ailments, whether caused by work or other factors. This is carried out in the Cardiff clinic based in Cathays. We are currently working towards offering assessment and treatment in the workplace including work/deskspace assessments and postural analysis. We have established close links with various employers in South Wales to provide exclusive Physiotherapy treatment for their work force. Please call 02920 217498 or 07890655347 for further information on how we can help your business or organisation in reducing sickness absence figures.
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